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Jun 22, 2023
Moreira, Caio V. M., 2023, "Data for: Impacts of extreme precipitation events in water quality: a scientometric analysis in global scale",, SciELO Data, V1
This study aimed to evaluate spatial and temporal patterns of extreme events related to precipitation on a global scale, identifying the main impacts and the regions susceptible to these phenomena in a scientometric approach.
Apr 6, 2023
Minillo, Alessandro; Isique, William Deodato; Cardoso, Claudia Andrea Lima; Súarez, Yzel Rondon, 2023, "Data for: Occurrence and ecological risk assessment of pharmaceutically active compounds in neotropical small basins, Brazil",, SciELO Data, V1
This study aimed to investigate the occurrence, distribution of PAC, as well as the ecological risk assessment in three forest streams in center-west of Brazil. Samples water of three streams were collected in the second largest city in Mato Grosso do Sul State, Brazil. Physicoch...
Feb 8, 2023
Cardoso, Simone Jaqueline; Bozelli, Reinaldo Luiz; Roland, Fabio; Esteves, Francisco de Assis; Barros, Marcos Paulo Figueiredo; Caramaschi, Érica Pellegrini; Fonseca, João J. Leal; Resende, Nathália da Silva; Ribeiro, Enoque G.; Scarano, Fabio Rubio; Huszar, Vera Lúcia de Moraes, 2023, "Data for: From virus to Igapó Forest: a systematic review of 35 years monitoring of an Amazonian Lake impacted by bauxite tailings (Batata Lake)",, SciELO Data, V1, UNF:6:+sdTIObWvht/fRMAoKqeFw== [fileUNF]
A systematic review was carried out in order to look at 35 years of research (1988-2022) in Batata Lake, an Amazonian clear water floodplain lake impacted by bauxite mining tailings during ten years (1979-1989).
Dec 22, 2022
Silva, Leonardo Beserra, 2022, "Data for: Local and regional determinants of phytoplankton communities in water reservoirs from the Cerrado biome",, SciELO Data, V1
Phytoplankton data used in the analysis to undercover the drivers that determine their communities in Brazilian Cerrado water reservoirs.
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